Jin Yoo-Kim


I love directing. I love creating a world from ideas, thoughts, musings. I love working with actors, bringing characters to life, and bringing laughter and joy to the world. When I am not directing comedies, I am directing documentaries. I feel that both mediums hit at the truth in very different ways. A Director is a visual artist, a thinker, a storyteller, a magician, a playground leader, and a mother.

Projects I've directed:

  1. Murder in Swan Pond: A 3-part murder mystery mockumentary series featuring puppet art. Premiering October 28, 2013 on Blip TV.
  2. Frat House Musical: Selected as director for one of two winning teams for a highly competitive pitching process for Frat House Musical, a commercial web series for Subway. Pitched musical to industry professionals, USC, and Subway; web series premiered at SXSW; currently on MyDamnChannel.com. Received the College Emmys (College TV Awards) for “Best Series,” 2013.
  3. The Raw Truth: Directed The Raw Truth, a documentary selected as 1 of 3 documentaries funded by USC in Spring 2011. Received broadcast on The Documentary Channel, Parallel Lines, SHORT HD TV, and was a finalist at the Arclight Cinemas Documentary Film Fest.
  4. Cut the Fat: A short film about Mina, the black sheep of a Korean American family who brings home a less than adequate man to be her husband. She must win over her three perfect sisters, her sister's perfect Ivy league husband, her omnicient mom, and her demanding father - all while keeping her pregnancy a secret. Her imagination runs wild as she figures out a way to get their blessing. Written and Directed by Jin Yoo-Kim.
  5. Bacon-Wrapped Date: A quirky film about two strangers who fall in love through food and end up caravanning through Los Angeles, eating and talking until the day's end. 
  6. Foodie Nation (in post-produciton): A feature documentary exploring the inside world of LA's food community including food bloggers, food critics, restaurant owners, chefs, and eaters. A focus on the ethnic enclaves represented by restaurants in East LA, Koreatown, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia with avid "floggers" narrating their stories of culture, growing up in America, acceptance, and pride through their food blogs. Produced and Directed by Jin Yoo-Kim
  7. Raider Nation: Writer, Director, Producer, Editor. 5 minutes. Color. Digital HD. Narrative Short. All Lisa wants from her Raiders obsessed husband is a little attention and she will do anything to get it.
  8. Pretty: Director, Writer Co-Producer. 9 minutes. Color. Digital HD. Narrative Short. Jane has no idea what she's in for when she's thrown into a room with Sarah, the pretty girl. Snubbed by Sarah and with no way out, Jane finds an object that unlocks the secret to their liberation and a pathway to a possible friendship. Premiered at the Talent One Media Film Festival in summer 2008. Honorable Mention and $200 cash prize at the iOpen Film Festival in fall 2008. Reel Women Film Festival in 2008.
  9. Life Through April: Producer, Director, Writer. 12 minutes. Color. Digital HD. Narrative Short. Jane loses her job and has to move in with her brother Paul, who lives in the house of their deceased parents. Paul isn’t happy about his alcoholic sister's intrusion into his orderly, godly life. Jane hides a secret, hoping that her brother will see her for who she truly is and love her despite her shortcomings. When the secret is revealed, Paul's eyes are opened to an unexpected reality that will change his life forever. Premiered at the Talent One Media Film Festival in 2007. 
  10. Bearing Dreams: Director, Writer. 5 minutes. Color. Digital. A short documentary exploring the Tae Mong,  a type of superstitious dreams Koreans have that determines the sex, personality, and destiny of their unborn child. Premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2007. Part of the Armed with a Camera Fellowship.
  11. The Shooter: Director, Writer. 3 min 41 seconds. Color. Digital. UCLA Extension. Summer 2006. An artifact collector who is deathly afraid of needles meets his destiny. Premiered at the 12th Annual Women of Color Film Festival in 2007. Screened at the 5th Annual San Diego Women’s Film Festival (Sept 2007).
  12. Breaking the Heterotype: Director, Writer. 20 Min. Color. Digital. Wellesley College. Spring 2004. Documentary of 6 women of Asian descent about the taboo subject: Sexuality and what it means to them. Premiered at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in 2006. Screened at Wellesley College in Spring 2007 as part of the Asian Awareness Month. 
  13. ImPact: 40 Min. Color. Digital. Wellesley College. Spring 2003. Documentary chronicling a campus-wide student movement against racism and injustice of the administration.
  14. Cut-Color Paste: 6.5 Min. Color. Digital. Wellesley College. Fall 2002. Short fiction comprised of quick editing and audio clips juxtaposing the physical attributes of being an Asian woman with the societal pressures of growing up excluded from the mainstream culture. A young woman goes back to her childhood through physical role-play to fix the glitches to find closure with her present day self.